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Nebulizer Mesh / Spray Nozzle

Product Description

Non-Invasive Drug Administration – Inhalational Drug Administration

Intramuscular injection and swallowing followed by stomach absorption are two methods of drug administration that will indirectly affect the efficacy of the drug. Inhalational drug administration, on the other hand, can induce the mucosal immune response of respiratory track through nasal cavity or lungs, allowing the drug to be absorbed by the body more effectively to quickly restore the health of patients.

In terms of drug delivery, inhalational drug administration is carried out via nebulizers, which can be grouped into three types, namely, ultrasonic nebulizers, jet nebulizers and Vibrating mesh nebulizers.

Among them, the Vibrating mesh nebulizer inherits the advantages of ultrasonic nebulizers and jet nebulizers, and minimizes cross-contamination by separating the medicine cup from the tubing. In addition, Vibrating mesh nebulizers can greatly reduce the amount of residual medicine, making it a promising new nebulizer type within the medical field.

When it comes to a good Vibrating mesh nebulizer, one must not ignore the key role played by the nebulizer nozzle plates.

Jet nebulizer Ultrasonic nebulizer Vibrating mesh nebulizer
High-pressure gas carries and sprays the liquid medicine, the aerosolized particle size is within 5 μm.
Low noise during operation, the aerosol particle size is within 2~5 μm, the ceramic vibrator creates high-frequency vibrations.
Produced using the latest technology, it exhibits the advantages of the former nebulizers, the aerosol particle size (MMDA) is about 5 μm, nebulization is carried out by passing the liquid through a nebulizer mesh. The medicine cup is isolated to avoid cross-contamination. Its a low-power device, suitable for suspended liquid medicine, and medicine is less likely to be affected by temperature.
The pump will make noise during operation, the device is large in size, and it leaves a considerable amount of residual liquid medicine.
The device is large in size, is not suitable for suspended liquid medicine, and leaves a considerable amount of residual liquid medicine.

The performance of the nebulizer nozzle plates depends on the quality of its mesh

The Vibrating mesh nebulizer operates by squeezing the liquid into the micropores of a metal or non-metal mesh substrate by using piezoelectric ceramic material which vibrates at a high frequency. When the liquid passes through the tiny pores, aerosol is produced and sprayed out from the other end.
Since the nebulizer mesh needs to come into contact with different types of liquids for a long period of time, the choice of material is particularly important.
The electroformed nebulizer mesh is more durable under heat or deteriorating conditions, and is more resistant to corrosion, which can prolong the service life of the medical equipment under safe conditions.

Why does the nebulizer nozzle plate need to be electroformed?

  • Electroformed micropores are uniform in order to produce aerosol with a consistent particle size
  • Electroformed micropores can be adjusted to easily control the aerosol particle size depending on the liquid used
  • The process for electroforming micropores is stable, and there will be no material deterioration
  • The electroformed mesh possesses high mechanical strength and resistance to organic acids

Realization of an ideal, high-quality nebulizer nozzle plate

TPC Features of TPC’s nebulizer nozzle plates

  • Its produced using a lithography process combined with precision electroforming technology, to create a product with high precision
  • Micropores have high uniformity and no burrs, providing highly stable performance
  • Palladium-containing metal with good corrosion resistance that increase service life
  • Passed the biocompatibility test (ISO 10993-5 and ISO10993-10) to ensure safe use

Produced with care and cautionto meet medical requirements


This product is produced by TPC using precision electroforming technology; it has no burrs, making the pores highly uniform. The pore size can be controlled, allowing aerosol particle size to meet medical needs.
In addition, this electroformed product contains palladium-nickel alloy which increases resistance to corrosive acids or organic acids. The manufacturing process complies with the ISO13485 quality management system to offer customers the best quality services.



In addition, the nebulizer nozzle plate can also be applied to...

Epidemic prevention/disinfection product applications
The nebulizer module has a low power consumption and low heat generation.
It’s suitable for operations involving liquid medicine, and can be applied to products requiring automatic and continuous disinfection.

Beauty / essential oils / humidification application
The nebulizer module is extremely small and it operates almost silently. It’s suitable for the development of portable beauty machines, fragrance diffusers or ultrasonic atomizer humidifiers in small spaces.